San Antonio, Texas

League Board members have designated the following critical support positions to assist in daily operations, they are currently held by the following members:

  • Bout Coordinator- Leah Frith
  • Head NSO/Bout Producer- Stephanie Buchanan
  • Head Referee/Coordinator- Alma Westphal
  • Promotions/Media Coordinator- Desiree Gonzales
  • Trainers/Training Committee- Alma Westphal and Lindsay Cervantez
  • Fundraising Coordinator- Open
  • Legal Officer- Amber Parra

Please contact us directly by emailing, we will be sure to put you in touch with the correct leadership team member as soon as possible. Thank you.


H.O.T.S. annually elects from its active membership: a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Grievance Coordinator and Sergeant in Arms. These executives set meeting schedules, help facilitate, coordinate meetings and events, seek agenda items from membership and set an agenda.  The League Board seeks to empower members to take on leadership roles within the league and are charged with making strategic decisions in the best interest of the league and it's members.

The following positions are currently held by the following members:

  • President- Alma Westphal
  • Vice President- Lindsay Cervantez
  • Treasurer- Lindsay Cervantez (Open Position)
  • Secretary-Open
  • Grievance Coordinator-Ishshahiah Perez
  • Sergeant in Arms- Patrick Leary

H.o.t.s. League Support

"I would like to recognize each member below for their generously donated time and talent. Their contributions are the very foundation of our league and why we are able to do what we do.  Please join me in thanking each of them for their efforts in supporting our members, our league and our community".              


H.O.T.S. President and Founder

Alma Westphal

Heart of Texas Skaters

H.o.t.s. League Board