San Antonio, Texas

Heart of Texas Skaters

Staying inside the track!

Dues are submitted on the FIRST practice after the first day of each month and cover the cost of travel expenses for out of town bouts.    

Monthly Dues

Annual insurance Requirement

Members/skaters/coaches/referees and parents/guardians of junior derby skaters must maintain primary health insurance. Each year, you must purchase supplemental insurance:

Adults- WFTDA offers supplemental insurance for $75, this is a annual mandatory requirement.

Juniors- JRDA offers supplemental insurance for $40, this is an annual requirement due within 30 days upon joining.

  • Please include this fee in the amount with your initial dues payment. Once paid we will update your JRDA insurance profile.
  • Has your medical insurance provider or address, phone, email, emergency contact or health conditions changed? If so, please update our records.

Heart of texas skaters member bylaws...know "the rules"!