Heart of Texas Skaters takes part in numerous activities throughout the year that benefit the community by raising awareness of organizations who provide services to women and children. 

  • Monthly bouts are coordinated with a minimum of 150 active participants.
  • Home bouts are conducted at "Traders Village", America's #1 Flea Market.  This venue is spread over 100 acres with more than 1,000 dealers every weekend.  Over a million people browse, buy and trade in this open-air bargain hunters paradise each year.
  • All sponsors are welcome to bring promotional marketing materials into our immediate area free of charge. 
  • Activities such as local parades, community fundraising, and social appearances are coordinated several times throughout the year in order to support and donate back to the very communities we live, work, recruit and play in. 
  • Looking for wider diversity?  H.O.T.S. routinely invites members of the community into our bouts in order to enhance our audience participation. Half-time performances showcase a large variety of members within the community highlighting their worthwhile efforts.  We strive to ensure performances and all private initiatives focus on community quality of life and public good.  

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